Olubunmi Jinadu is a full-fledged entrepreneur, co-founder and visionary behind several organizations and initiatives, including Dekalb Africa Initiative, United Soccer Africa, Coca-Cola Diaspora Network and most recently the Alliance Agricole US-Africa.

In addition, he has served and advised several committees and institutions, including the leading economic development strategy for Dekalb, the group’s co-presidency working for arts, culture, sports and tourism of Dekalb County, the Bank investment and development of ECOWAS, the Millennium Challenge Account for the Republic of Benin and, more recently, he was a consultant in special projects and market development for a manufacturer of world-class American equipment and contributed to the conclusion of a partnership public-private worth 100 million dollars in Benin, West Africa.

In all of her roles, Bunmi has developed with success of strategic plans by working together in hand with municipal governments, businesses and state governments to develop visions, strategies and implementation plans to advance regional and international growth, the image brand and prosperity, economic analysis host city alternatives, including weighted analysis and isolation of factors that could be affected by incentives

Stakeholder action – Establish the credibility, economic base and conviction of stakeholders that the PPP can be successful. His desire for unity of purpose and unity of action is what led to the birth of Interglobe-Satcher Group and other leaders from all sectors to build community buy-in and support for public investment Bunmi is a graduate of the University of Jos, Nigeria, and the University of Montpellier, France-Paul Valery. University of Jos, Faculty of Arts. Obtaining a license in Foreign Languages and International Relations