The demand for talent is high in Africa, but the important skills gap is a sobering reality. We can help harness the talents and expertise of the African diaspora to stimulate economic growth and support African businesses in order to create the jobs that they need so much

The mobilization and identification of the full participation of appropriate partners for development is an advantage for Africa and can foster stronger ties between our two continents to accelerate social development and Africa’s economy

There are many high level professionals in American organizations which, if brought together collectively, can leverage potential contributions and beneficial interactions with diasporas to support development and growth in their countries of origin and home

More importantly, it will help American businesses to understand how to better engage with Africa, rather than to impose Africa without consulting African professionals of our business communities in the host country.

In short, our strategy and our overall approach are designed to increase institutional engagement with Africa in all sectors, including non-traditional sectors, as well than to launch an investor tour. We think that the opportunity offered will be used as a sheet of route and a toolkit for attracting not only from our American customers and relations, but also from

customers around the world looking to capitalize on resources, the opportunities and perception of doing business in Africa in the next dispensation. We look forward to working with you to make Africa a reality that we want tomorrow from today. Together as one man

Olubunmi Jinadu

  • Licensed 2 heal is a non-profit organization seeking to alleviate poverty through empowering African communities. we do this by giving them access to education, social development, markets, medical aid and by providing leadership training. all in the hope of providing them with economic growth.
  • Bunmi Denim is an existing business located in Atlanta, Georgia. Bunmi Denim is an international, fashion-forward company that creates high-quality men’s and women’s fashion lines which creates an intersection between Fashion, Film and Music.
    Bunmi Denim
  • United Soccer Asia- “USA” is an integrated sports management group delivering value for Asian football federations and teams to North American communities. We develop and execute strategies aimed at supporting the football teams to maximize their potential and preparations for national and international sports competitions
    United Soccer Asia
  • United Soccer Africa- “USA” is an integrated sports management group delivering value for African football federations and teams to North American communities.
    United Soccer Africa
  • This will be the film and video production and distribution arm of the Interglobe. The African “movie” market, even in spite of its significant quality issues, is currently the third-largest movie and film market in the world. We intend to leverage our significant experience and contacts in the more established Western markets to raise the bar and set the standard for excellence within the African movie/film industry and ultimately bring to the West the vast wealth of creative talent and work that exists in Africa as she has received from the West
    Interglobe Film
  • Works with corporate and individual clients to optimize product and organizations online and offline branding strategies employing digital and new media technologies to reach its online consumers by way of media campaigns and media buys.
  • This will be the Record Label for Interglobe Entertainment Group, Inc. that manages the overall music business of the Corporation work collaboratively with the Talent Agency and 2010 Studios a production outfit, to record, release, promote and distribute the work of all artists and entertainers under contract
  • This subsidiary will be on the segment of the Interglobe business that identifies, develops, and manages talents of all sorts including professional athletes, actors, musicians, comics, entertainers, and other media professionals. Additionally, this subsidiary shall have responsibility for the legal representation of all talent under management.